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The Lookbook :

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
Coco Chanel

Daddy Issues:

For 20 years I have never been told what to do by a man.
For 20 years he never told me to sit up straight, to eat my vegetables, to turn the TV off, to do my homework, to go to my room, to change my tone…
For 20 years I never got to be hugged and thrown on his shoulders for a piggy back.

I will never get to see myself in him. Our gap between our two front teeth, our green eyes and olive skin. I am constantly asked is you father tall? I can only reply with I think so. My height is just another reminder of him.
Since I was 17 I laughed about not having a dad and when I was 18 I self proclaimed myself as having daddy issues.

20 years ago my mother left him. She left italy and an unwelcome home.
15 years ago was the last time I was in the same room as him and
10 years ago was the last time I held the phone up to my ear and heard him speak italian AT me.
5 years ago I received my last letter from him. Written in italian – another reminder that not only don’t I have him but I can’t even communicate with him…

When I’m asked what am I? I have to reply with “half italian”. I admit to half of me as if its a part of me when really a half of me is lost and nothing.

For 20 years I am reminded that theres someone out there who supposed to be mine and he wants nothing to do with me.

When I laugh that I have daddy issues people expect me to crave male attention, male approval, find love from any man who will sleep with me.
When I joke that I have daddy issues people think of sex workers and laugh to themselves slut, whore.
Daddy issues get pinned on me and every woman who was abandoned by him.
We get to be the bad ones because of him, instead of him being the bad one who left and caused me to be only half a person.

I will always roll my eyes when I see the love between a father and child.
I will always have a part of me missing.

For 20 years I have never been told what to do by a man.

josephine-rew (via josephine-rew)

"and i said
how can i forget you.
you were the first man in my life,
the first man to teach me
men leave."
'with broken hearts in their back pockets' by Della Hicks-Wilson (via dellahickswilson)


8 years of siege.
51 days of war.
Thousands of martyrs,injured and displaced people.

It’s over.
 Al7amdulilah for everything that God has brought their way, he is all-knowing and he knew that in Gaza there are men who won’t die easily, there are women willing to sacrifice themselves for their children, and there are children who have the will to live. I pray that they are rewarded for their patience and for undergoing this struggle. May their martyrs rest in eternal peace, and may the  happiness and peace which has now dawned upon Gaza last forever, may this end be the start of a better beginning for Palestine. May it live long and free.

 Let’s not forget the oppressed and those who are still suffering around the world, hearts and prayers are always with and for you.

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